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Month: August 2014

Katie T.

After almost a year of my 14 month old waking up several times a night, often with night terrors, I decided to take him to Dr. DoniBeth Davis. I knew nothing about chiropractic care. After our first appointment I was skeptical that it would change his sleeping pattern. I felt like nothing would work. I was very wrong! My son was immediately sleeping better. He steadily declined in the amount of times he was waking up throughout the night. After our first few sessions he was only getting up once. We have been going for only a few weeks and last night he slept through the night! He also has not had any night terrors since we started. After being told over and over that my son was just a “bad sleeper” it was so nice to have someone really care that he wasn’t getting the sleep that he needed. I am truly amazed at the immediate results we saw. I can not thank Dr. DoniBeth Davis enough!

Ashley F.

When I first saw Dr. Davis I was 36 weeks pregnant. I just got the news that my baby was breech and I only had a few options if I wanted to deliver naturally. I immediately called Dr. Davis and was seen right away. Upon meeting her I felt extremely comfortable and at ease. She really seemed to be interested in my concerns and was easy to talk to.

During my exam she discovered that my sacrum was tilted and the round ligaments on my right side were tight. She performed the Webster technique and adjusted some other areas. Dr. Davis saw me again before my OB doctor appointment later that week and on her day off! I truly felt that she wanted what was best for me and my baby.

Unfortunately, the baby never turned by himself even with my efforts of hanging upside down and doing head stands in the pool. At 37 weeks I ended up being hospitalized and my OB performed an external version. It was successful and essentially painless. I truly believe that my choice to get adjustments from Dr. Davis was the sole reason why the external version worked. I ended up delivering my little guy naturally. I can not be more grateful for what Dr. Davis did for me and my baby.