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Stress 2.0

Well, I hope you had a good week putting at least one of those tips into practice. Let’s get to the next 5!

#5 Learn to breathe and stretch.  Try a stretching, yoga or tai chi.

We can get into a pattern of shallow breathing.  When we do this we may be short changing ourselves of oxygen.  Oxygen is our primary source of energy. Taking breathing breaks, especially when feeling tense, can help your body on many levels. Try this. Take a deep breath in, hold for 5 seconds and break out slowly until your lungs feel empty.  Ready and go… in and out slow and repeat.  Do you feel different?  Can you feel your muscles relax as you do this.  It seems so basic and simple, because it is.  It doesn’t cost us anything to take a deep breath. The great thing about yoga, tai chi or pilates is that it is a gentle way to stretch, build muscle and it has a huge focus on breathing.  You can also do this while stretching.

#4 Set personal and professional goals that you would like to accomplish and read your list first thing in the morning and before you go to bed at night.

Sometimes the day to day routine can feel mundane.  Having goals can help you look at the bigger picture.  As you accomplish those goals, it gives a sense of satisfaction.  You can celebrate the progress.  Break the goals into smaller attainable steps.  I think this is especially important for moms who do not work outside of the home.  I have heard some moms say that one of the hard things about being home full time is that you don’t have a boss telling you you are doing a good job.  When you are working there are awards and reviews where you get positive feed back.  Unfortunately, our kids don’t have quarterly reviews with us and give us achievement awards.  You may go a while before someone tells you “you are a good mom.” There are many rewards to being with your kids full time and having goals can offer another form of positive reinforcement.  As you review your goals, you can feel accomplishment in the mundane. I also think this is good for the moms who are empty- nesters or retired.  There can be an emptiness that comes along that.  Having new goals can help you to continue to grow and give purpose to this season of life.  There is so much to offer and achieve during those years of your life as well. I am a huge fan of setting goals and writing them down.  This can help manage the daily stresses by giving a bigger picture.

#3 Improve quality time at home.

I recently read in 2 different articles that successful people make it home for dinner.  This needs to be a priority for everyone.  If you are too busy to be home for dinner, then you need to cut back on something and do less. As a culture, we have a mentality that we need to constantly do more.  I can be guilty of that as well.  I am here to tell you that we need to do less. Especially with our kids.  Sometimes their schedules can be busier than ours.  Kids need free time to explore, play and rest.

We love to end our week with a family movie night.  It is nice to slow down, kick back and enjoy a movie or a game together.  There was a time that stands out in my mind from 2 summers ago.  My stress level was higher than normal, as we was in the early months of opening our new clinic.  We had planned to go to Monkey Joe’s but one of the kids wasn’t feeling 100% so we didn’t want to risk spending the money to get in and then have to leave shortly after.  So we decided to go to Pet’s Park and hike.  We had such a nice time going on the trails at spending time together.  Half way through our hike, my oldest said “this is even better than Monkey Joe’s”  It was a win-win.  We didn’t spend any money and it was better quality time together as a family.  Then on the fly, we started playing we were going on a bear hunt, one of our kids favorite books.  We left the park and went to an ice cream place where they can choose their mix ins.  We let them all get gummy bears, so we finally found the bear from our bear hunt.  I remember feeling so refreshed and relaxed after that time together with my family.  I needed it more than I realized during that season of stress.

It is so easy to get sucked into constant technology.  Our phones are loaded with resources and information.  You could spend all day looking at it without even realizing.  Our kids have so much access to technology as well.  While there are many benefits to what this has to offer, it can come at a cost.  I think it is a great idea to have a day or time when you “unplug” and use no electronics.  Enjoy a long conversation face-to-face or get outside.  It can be so refreshing to have time without electronics.

#2 Make sleep a priority. 

This is essential!  Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep every night.  This requires some discipline.  Set a bed time for yourself, based off the time you need to wake up, and stick to it. You can handle stressors so much better when you have had a full night of rest. When you are tired, your ability to deal with stress goes down.

I know some women struggle with falling asleep and/or staying asleep. This can be a complete talk alone.  There are many things to look at to evaluate to sleep better.  A great place to start is to cut out caffeine completely, and see how you do with that.  If you continue to have trouble sleeping, talk with your health provider to look at other options to help with sleep. 

#1 Take care of your nervous system.

This is done with chiropractic care.  You nervous system in the power house in your body, controlling every other function your body does.  It is essential to have it working at 100% so your body to deal with the stress as it comes day in and day out.  I can not tell you how many times people tell me how they feel less anxiety when they are under regular chiropractic care.  Your nervous system is supported through chiropractic care because all the nerves that pass through the vertebrae.  If your spine is misaligned, this puts pressure on the nerves in that area.  Your nerves work like a garden hose.  If there is pressure on the nerves, there is not as much flow going through the nerves.  When you get a chiropractic adjustment it aligns the spine which relieves pressure on the nerves.

When you get adjusted, it give a boost to your immune system.  When you are under stress, your immune system can be compromised.  When I was in chiropractic school, it never failed that I would get sick the week of finals or the week after.  I am sure you can see other situations when you end up sick after a stressful time.  Getting adjusted can help your immune system fight against the effect of the stress.  If you still do get sick, it can help shorten your recovery time.

There is a hormone response when we are under stress.  As I said, the nervous system controls all other systems in your body and getting adjusted can help your regulate hormones.

 The number 1 area where stress settles into in the neck and shoulders.  Getting adjusted can help alleviate the tension that builds in those areas. One of the most memorial testimonials I ever heard about chiropractic was from a little boy whose mother started chiropractic care.  When asked what he liked about his mom getting care, he said “my mom doesn’t yell at me as much since she started seeing a chiropractor.”

When we are stressed and in pain it is easy to take that out on our family and those closest to us.  We need to do our best to manage our stress so we can give our best to our family and those we love.

I hope you all got something you can use to manage your stress out of these last 2 blogs. Have a happy and stress-less holiday season!


Stress is part of life. There are many components that are out of our control BUT there are many things that you can control to make stress manageable.  I love this topic because it helps to remind me of the things I can do to minimize my stress & feel stress free. I am not perfect at all of these things but do my best to incorporate them into my daily or weekly routines. Although I have 4 kids, a busy practice & many different demands, I have found when I put these tips into practice, life is enjoyable & stress is managed. I hope you find these next 5 tips helpful & will be able to implement them into your life. (The next 5 will come in the next blog)

#10 Find 20 minutes for yourself every day.
Each day is 24 hours. There is nothing we can do to change that. I’ve had days where I wished I had 4 more hours or one more day to the weekend. No matter what there will always be 24 hours in a day. We get to choose what we do with each 24 hours we are given. If we think about in terms of dollars, it’s like each day we are given $24 dollars. For me each day is different & we each have different breakdowns of what our day looks like. Let’s say for example, We spend $7-8 sleeping, another $7 at work, maybe $3 preparing meals & eating, $1 driving, and so on. At the end of putting in the time for the necessities, there isn’t a lot let over but there IS time left over. How will you use that time? 24 hours is 1,440 minutes so to take 20 of that to refresh yourself is 1.4% of the day. 1.4%! Less than 2% for yourself so you can have more to offer to your family & whatever demands you have for the day. I know some moms feel selfish or are afraid the world might fall apart if they step away for less than 2% of the day. I’m here to tell you moms that you can do this. You need to do this. It will help you to be a better wife, mother, daughter, friend and whatever hats you might wear.
Now what should you do with this 20 minutes? Whatever refreshes you. To one person it might be to exercise, another it might be to read a book, maybe 20 minutes of silence & doing nothing. I want you to think about what refreshes you the most & try to incorporate that into your daily routine. For me, I enjoy spending that time taking a bath (I throw in some Epsom salt & accomplish some detoxing while I’m relaxing- multitasking!) reading a book or going for a walk. I have started doing these things more regularly that even my husband can recognize how helpful they are for me. When I am started to get stressed he will encourage me to do one of these 3 things. I know some women who do not enjoy a bath whatsoever. That’s okay, it just needs to be something that after you’ve spent 20 or more minutes doing it you feel refreshed.
#9 Organize your menu during the week for healthy meals, prep on Sunday for the week ahead and include your family.
This step is important on so many levels. Later we will talk about the importance of having a family meal together. This step helps you make sure that happens. Also, when we’re eating healthy we are giving our bodies better fuel to get through the busy days & weeks. It’s like giving your car the best quality gasoline for better performance. How many of you had felt that panic at 4:00 from not knowing what to make your family for dinner? That’s stressful! By doing this step, you can completely cut that stressor out of your life. How many of you have to fight your kids to eat the dinner you prepared? While, I can’t promise you can eliminate that stressor completely, getting the kids involved in the menu planning can help ensure there are a couple meals they will eat willingly. You might be surprised what they pick for their choices. It can also help with the mental block of what should I make for dinner but you are doing it days in advance. Kids like repetition, so don’t be afraid to make the same healthy meal frequently. Once you’ve found something healthy they eat well, make it often. You’ll have the recipe memorized quickly, which will make meal prep a synch. My weeks always go much better when I’ve done the meal prep and planning on Sunday, or sometime during the weekend. The weeks do not always go according to plan but it is much easier to move a meal to a different day than to come up with meal on the fly.
#8 Use music in your home, car or during breaks to set or change the mood.
Technology has made this so easy to do. There are so many different ways to access music. The trick to this is to recognize what kind of mood you want the music to encourage. Do you need quiet & slow to bring things down from a busy day or do you need something fast & upbeat to boost your energy? Let music help you accomplish the mood that needs to be set.
#7 Avoid negative thinking.
Studies have shown that staying positive is good for your general well being. Get in the habit of gratitude. No matter what, there is always something we can be grateful for & the more we focus on that, the better our outlook becomes.
A good or bad attitude can take any situation & either give it a boost or drag it down. It can also be encouraging to others when you have a good attitude during hard times. Dr. Caroline Leaf, a neurologist says  “We have to develop disciplined thought lives and part of this is increasing our awareness of what we are allowing into our minds.” Our
tendency is to think negatively, especially towards ourselves. We can become unaware of the many negative things we say to ourselves, about ourselves and our situation.It all starts with awareness and then becoming disciplined to change you thought pattern. We might still have bad days. Days when you feel discouraged and disappointed. That’s okay. The main thing is to not stay there. Don’t let this become your normal. When we look for things to be thankful for and the positive things in our life, they become our focus and our attitude improves. This is huge in managing stress.
#6 Motion is Life – take time to move your body in exercise 20 minutes a day (walking, rebounding, dancing).
You may choose to do this as the time you take for yourself. Only if that refreshes you. If it does, you can accomplish 2 things at once. If you do not particularly enjoy exercise, look for things you do enjoy that involve movement. It doesn’t have to be the traditional things we think of with exercise. Incorporate your kids with this, if that helps. Kids have motion mastered. At least for my 4 kids, there is no shortage of energy or movement. You can just go outside and play with them for 20 minutes. This will improve the quality time with you family, which it tip #3 for managing stress, we will discuss that in the next blog. Go for a walk or a hike. We like to have dance parties at home, with the kids. There are lots of ways to move. Especially if you work a job that requires you to sit all day, motion will help counter act the damage of sitting and is much more of a necessity. Motion truly is life and will help you manage you stress better. It is a great stress reliever.
Stay tuned to Facebook next week for my remaining 5 tips! Start implementing these this week and in next week’s post tell me how you delt with stesss this week!


Know your Why

“When you know your why, you can endure any how” – Victor Frankel



Why do you try to eat healthy?  Why do you exercise?  For the expectant mom who wants a natural childbirth, why?  Why breastfeed?

I think “why” is an important question to ask yourself as you make decisions on your health journey.  Once you understand the “why” behind a decision, it is easier to own the choice and follow through with it.  We find our motivation for the tough moments through owning why we want to do something.  A challenging moment is worth working through because you know why you are doing it.  You can see the bigger picture.

When I talk with mom’s who are planning to breastfeed, I will often spend more time talking with them about why they want to do it rather than how to do it.  I believe that if you can really own why you want to breastfeed you will find a solution to any challenge you might face as you learn how to breastfeed.  It helps you determine how committed you are to doing it.

As I was preparing for the birth of my first child, I was like any other first time mom, unsure of what to expect.  I knew about the birthing process but had never experienced it myself. There are so many different things that could happen. How do you possible prepare for them all? How do you create a birth plan that would include all the different scenarios?  I decided I needed to start with why I wanted a natural childbirth.  Once I had those reasons listed out, it was easy to move forward with the plan.  I held my birth plan with an open hand so I could be open to whatever changes may come, which is what I advise any mom to do as she prepares for birth.  I truly believe that identifying my motivation for my desired labor helped me to be committed to it and achieve it.

These are just 2 examples from my personal experience but this can be applied to any decision or change you are trying to make.  It may be a career change, losing weight, or eating healthier.  Find out your motivation, your “why”, and let that lead you to achieving your goal.

Live life to the fullest.

Exciting times for chiropractic

It is such an exciting time for chiropractic & changes are about to happen in the health of our country. I can hardly contain my excitement! Last night I was reading through more of the details of the Gallup-Palmer report. I knew the results came out in the fall of 2015 & it looked promising for the growth of our profession. The last time a poll like this was done, it showed that about 8% of the population utilized chiropractic care. Now that poll shows 14% of the population have used a chiropractor in the last 12 months! It has almost doubled.  The mission of Sozo Chiropractic is to change the health of our community, one family at a time.  When I look at these numbers I see many possibilities.

 If we were to look at things from a pain management perspective only, this is huge.  Addiction to pain medications is a growing problem.  As the use of these addictive drugs increases so does the availability and access to them for other family members.  It is sad to see that teenagers can simply go into the medicine cabinet at home and easily have access to dangerous and addictive drugs.  I truly believe if more people utilized chiropractic care to manage their pain, we would see changes in the number of prescription drug addictions.

The number of surgeries could also be reduced as more people see a chiropractor.  I am not opposed to surgery.  I have had to go through 2 surgeries, which allowed me to continue to use my left arm.  I am thankful for the technology and skilled doctors who are able to perform these procedures.  However, if it can be avoided, that individual is also avoiding the risks and complications which could result from surgery.  What I love about chiropractic is how it allows the body to heal and therefore the need for surgery is gone.

Now if we were to begin to look at the health cost savings this would create!  Chiropractic care is drastically less expensive than the other alternatives.  If more people use chiropractors, we could see some improvement in the crisis we are facing with health care expenses.

My dream is to one day see the Gallup-Palmer poll show 80% of the population using chiropractic.  I know the health of our community would be different and for the better.  I have no doubt about that!

You can view the report at www.jmptonline.org/article/S0161-4754(15)00124-4/abstract

Be healthy and well.

Heart of Thanksgiving

I wish we were more intentional about being thankful like we are during the month of November but that is the reason I love Thanksgiving so much. I love the simplicity of the holiday. It is about family, food and thanksgiving. I find myself thinking more about what I am thankful for. I am talking with my kids more about what they are thankful for.

So in the heart of thanksgiving, I want to spend some time reflecting on being thankful for chiropractic.

I am blessed to be called to this profession. Being a chiropractor is not a job, it is my life. My health and my family’s health has be been greatly impacted through chiropractic care. I have been under care since I was a baby and for that I am thankful. I didn’t realize how unique and special this was until I was an adult, but I am thankful for it now. It was out of that realization of how beneficial lifetime chiropractic care was that I decided to become a chiropractor so I could provide the same thing for my kids. Throughout my pregnancies, I experienced so much relief with getting adjusted. I was also able to have natural and uncomplicated deliveries. I know that is a result of the chiropractic care I received during my pregnancies. My babies all slept through the night early and have not needed to go on antibiotics yet.

Two years ago, I had an experience which made me realize how ingrained my desire to help others truly was. We were involved in a roll over accident and my arm went through the window causing it to be severely injured. My first thoughts were of Zach, my husband, and 4 children who were with me. I held my breath as Zach woke up and then went on to check on the kids. I was so relieved when I knew they were all alive and okay. My next thought was what I would do if I lost my arm. Thankfully, I have been able to make a full recovery even after needing a second surgery this year. Going through that situation confirmed that being a chiropractor is not just my job, it is a deep part of who I am.

I am thankful for having the ability to offer families healing and hope through a safe and natural chiropractic adjustment. When I see patients for follow up visits and they begin to tell me all the great things they have experienced since their last adjustment, I still stand back in awe. I have so many moments throughout my day where I say “Isn’t chiropractic so cool?!” The possibilities of what the body can do when there is a nervous system free from interference is just incredible.

I am thankful for the blessing and challenge of educating people about chiropractic. There are still so many people who do not know what chiropractic is, what it is helpful for and who should go the chiropractor. It is part of my mission to educate people about all of these things. I love it when someone says “I didn’t know babies could go to the chiropractor” because, now they know. I love it when someone says “I didn’t know chiropractic could help with ear infections” because, now they know. You see, when people know more, they can do more. The challenging part is that chiropractic is a very different approach to traditional medicine. I love the challenge though. It is so fun to watch someone have the light bulb moment and understand what chiropractic is.

I am thankful for the families I have had the privilege to work with to help them achieve a healthier lifestyle. It is so much fun and brings so much joy to my life.

Have a blessed Thanksgiving.  Be healthy and well.

Developing a new normal

imageIt is always interesting to me what people define as “normal”. It is definitely a relative word and each person has their own perspective of what normal means in their lives.

One of my favorite things is to help people realize a new normal in their health. When doing an initial evaluation with a new patient, I will ask lots of questions of his or her current symptoms and health concerns. Many times people will refer to their pain or headaches as normal. From my perspective, headaches are not normal, back pain is not normal, leg pain is not normal, fatigue is not normal. The reason it is viewed as normal is because it has gone on for so long. There is a point when the pain or symptoms start to feel normal. People accept the pain and don’t know they can live a life free from that.

Chiropractic care is such a great, safe and natural way to realize and embrace a new normal. You can live free from headaches and pain, and be full of life and energy. Depending on the situation it may be a longer process to get there, but it starts with realizing there is a possibility for a better normal.

My goal is to help people live life at their full potential. Chiropractic care is a big part of this. However, it is not the only part. Often there are lifestyle changes that need to accompany the chiropractic care to achieve the goal. To realize a new normal, you have to be willing to make the changes necessary to get there.

If you or someone you know has accepted a life full of discomfort and pain as the norm, I challenge you to start or recommend chiropractic care. From there you can incorporate the lifestyle changes necessary to find a new normal.

Live life to the fullest!

My road to becoming a chiropractor

I thought I would share a little bit about myself for this blog. I know my bio is posted on the website but I wanted to go a little deeper.

Sometimes when people find out I am a third generation chiropractor they will ask if I felt pressured into becoming a chiropractor. My response to that is always “No”. I was raised with a chiropractic philosophy and lifestyle. When we got sick, we would get an adjustment and then allow the body to heal. The health challenges we faced were addressed naturally. It wasn’t until I was a freshman in college than I grasped how special and unique this approach was. While in undergrad, I started to work at my dad’s office part-time, just to help me get through college. I was an education major at the time, planning to be an elementary teacher. I felt no pressure to become a chiropractor. However, that job changed my career path.

Dad and I

While working there, I saw so many miracles happen. I realized how much I loved chiropractic- the philosophy and results. I realized I wanted this for my kids the way I had it when I was growing up. I realized that so many people don’t know about chiropractic and how amazing it is. I realized I needed to do this. It was part of MY purpose.

Fast forward 12 years. I am now married, have 4 kids and have been in practice for 6 years. I have been able to provide chiropractic care to my husband. One of the first things I did with my kids after their birth was adjust them. Such an amazing moment as a chiropractor and mom. I have also had several opportunities to help babies and other kids. Part of the dream has been realized, but there is more to it.

There are still so many kids who are not getting the benefit of regular chiropractic care. My goal is for this to become normal for everyone. I would love to see babies get a chiropractic exam before they leave the hospital, like they get their hearing checked before they leave. I believe we would see a dramatic change in the health of our kids.

When I have gone to register my kids for school, they require a dental exam as part of the enrollment process. My goal is that someday a chiropractic exam will be a part of this as well. I am all about having clean teeth, but really? They can get a new set a teeth. A child’s spine will be the same one they have at 86. It needs to be taken care of early so they are not immobile and debilitated by pain at 55. I think it is great that more and more parents are taking their kids early to the dentist but I hope they will have the same approach and concern for their children’s spine.

I feel blessed to be able to help my kids achieve a healthy life style and love to help other families on this journey as well.

At Sozo we are “changing the health of our community one family at a time.”

Preparing for birth

imageA big part of my practice is working with women during pregnancy. I can not tell you how many times I have people say to me “I didn’t know you could go to the chiropractor when you are pregnant,” or ” I wish I would have known about chiropractic when I was pregnant.”

It is my goal that everyone knows the importance of chiropractic during pregnancy. Not only can women go to the chiropractor when they are pregnant, they NEED to go. It offers so many benefits to the mother and the baby. It is my passion to help women have the best possible pregnancy, labor and delivery.

I see so many women who do not properly prepare for their birth and it is leading to many unnecessary interventions. To any woman out there who is going to have children, this is the message I want you to hear: prepare for your birth as you would for your dream wedding. Take time to research and figure out what you want and what you don’t want. Do not leave it up to the protocols that are established to favor the hospital staff.

Here are a few ways you can prepare.
1) Hire a doula. I would compare this to hiring a wedding coordinator. It is someone who knows a lot about the birthing process and what to expect. The doula can help you prepare properly.
2) Research birth care providers. You are hiring this person to help you bring your baby into the world. Make sure it is someone you like. It is okay to change birth providers. Also, research all the providers of the group because there is a chance one of them will be the doctor delivering. Find out what their c-section rate is. Just how you select the minister who marries you, you get to select your birth care provider and you want it to be someone you like and feel a personal connection with.
3) Take care of your body with proper nutrition, exercise and chiropractic care. You are going to be doing a lot of work to get that baby out of you, so you need to train for it. Every woman I know does a lot to prepare their body for their wedding, do the same for your birth.
4) Have a birth plan. Your doula is a great person to help you with this. Most weddings have a details agenda of exactly what is going to happen on the special day, so should your child’s birthday.
5) Take a detailed and informative birthing class. This is usually found outside of the hospital.

Your baby’s birth day is such a monumental day and the more you can do to prepare for it, the better your outcome with be. Unfortunately, I know of several moms who have had a traumatic delivery and they walk away from the birth of their child with physical and emotional scars. I hope to see this happen less and less. I hope to see more moms who say “the day my child was born was the best experience of my life.”

Another note, when your child is born, hold your child for as long as possible. The newborn exam can be performed while you are holding your baby. He or she does not need to be separated from you, unless there is a medical emergency. The weight and length of the baby can be taken later. It is not going to change in the first few minutes of life. The first few minutes are precious and so important for both the mom and baby. Don’t let anyone take that away from you.

Here’s to healthy moms and healthy babies.
Be well.


I have a love/ hate relationship with doing my 10 day detox program. I hate the idea of going without certain food items, but I love the way I feel during and after doing it. I have to prep myself mentally before starting but once I get into it, I remember why I do it. My energy level goes up, I sleep better and I like knowing I am doing something to help my body function better overall. It also helps to instill discipline which is necessary to achieve health.

imageWhy should we do a detox? That is a great question. The main reason is because it is impossible to avoid toxins. They build up in our body over time and, as a result, start to cause problems. Even if we try to eat a perfect diet, there are still environmental toxins we take in every day. I like to think of a detox as a way to hit the “reset” button for our body. It gives it a break from the normal toxins and allows your body to clean out all the junk that has been building up. It is also a great way to put out the fire in our body, which is inflammation. Most health conditions are a result of inflammation in the body. When you do a detox, your inflammation level is lowered and health is improved.

There are many ways to do a detox. I have found that using a medical food supplement while detoxing is a great way to ensure your body is getting all the nutrients it needs to properly function and clear out the built up toxins. At my office, I carry a medical food supplement from Metagenics. I use this product and follow a 10 day guideline for the detox. There is also a 7 day program.

Fasting is another way to detox. If your health condition allows, fasting for a period of time allows your body to clear out some toxins.

Another way I like to detox on a regular basis is with an Epson salt bath. I love doing this because its benefits are two fold. First, it pulls toxins out of your body and, second, it provides a way to relax.

I have resolved to the fact that to achieve the health I want, detox is a must. Even though it is not appealing to deprive myself, it is worth it. The benefits far exceed the cost. Therefore, I love it more than I hate it.

Be healthy and well.

White Space


I love the color white. It is a classic color and goes with anything. I am always drawn towards white when I have the option to pick a color. Although, it is challenging to wear white with 4 little ones.
Another area where I have come to appreciate white is on my calendar. I love to see white space on my calendar. It means I have time to slow down and take a break. As life starts to get busy, I find myself looking for white space.
It is something we need to be intentional about. White space is important for our health. If our schedules are too full, our body starts to go into a stress reaction which triggers a slew of problems. Healing occurs when we slow down and give our body a chance to come out of the “flight or flight” mode and this only happens if we have white space on our calendar.
It is also important to teach our kids to slow down. It can be easy to fill up their schedule with just 2 or 3 extracurricular activities, but we need to ask ourselves “how important is this activity?” and weigh the potential cost of being too busy. Take some time to enjoy white space. I will be.